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2023 Schedule

Our 2023 Schedule is slowly recovering from the  COVID-19 Virus.  We are currently working on a much  reduced workload and minimum PTs.  As of March 2022 we conduct Saturday Bootcamp at 0530hrs for over 55's, Tuesday Boxfit 6pm and Thursday high intensity training at 0500hrs all at Suttons Beach.  Sessions last for one hour except Thursday morning which are 30 minutes higher intensity. We use 326 fitness at 326 Oxley Avenue in inclement weather
In the meantime we suggest you contact us via telephone or message for our latest information and limited PTs.

The best six doctors anywhere,
And no one can deny it, 
Are sunshine, water, rest and air,
Exercise and diet.
These six will gladly you attend,
if only you are willing,
Your mind they'll ease,
your will they'll mend,
and charge you not a shilling.

Wayne Fields

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