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Since the pandemic, we have significantly reduced our classes and currently run the following:

Over 55's Commando - Saturday 0530

Dawn busters - Thursday 0500

both classes at Suttons Beach $10

Tuesday Boxfit - Tuesday 6pm at Peninsula Fitness Margate.  

All classes are $10 first session free


I am convinced that happy people at our exercise classes make for a much happier environment and a class that is much more fun, regardless of the exercise or intensity. The difference is really noticeable. Grumpy people at exercise can have a negative affect, and that too can spread through the group like a rotten apple.  Luckily for me, the times I have had grumps turn up or just people who for whatever reason are not in such a good mood are few and far apart.  You know the sort of people I am talking about, some have a perpetual smile on their face and either the way they look or the positive attitude they exude makes me happy. I know for a fact many others feel the same way. People who encourage at exercise have the same affect. They talk to their exercise mates and help them get through a tough session by giving encouraging words and positive reinforcement. Personal trainers love that attitude.


If we mention clients then personal trainers need to be held to account also. A positive attitude, good demonstrations, encouraging words and being able to assist clients goes without saying.  You would expect people who rely on customer service would have these issues well and truly sorted, but I must admit that long term clients can notice a personal trainer like everyone has their good and not so good days. I have been told a few times that I appear to be a bit grumpy or even a little uncaring when conducting programs. Looks like I need to work on my attitude at times too. Like my wife Margaret says: we are all in training.  Keep punching.

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