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Redcliffe & Bayside Herald article, 13th September 2017

Tom's tips for trainers

by Erin Smith

THERE is little Peninsula-based personal trainer Tom Law has not come across in his 25 years in the fitness industry and he is sharing his tips with budding trainers in his latest book.

Mr Law said the book titled Tom's Law - How to succeed as a personal trainer took him about a year to write.

It includes tips for trainers just starting in the industry and others who may be struggling to make ends meet. "It is all based on my experience from being a sole operator for a number of years," Mr Law said.

Mr Law also explores the good and bad aspects of technology including social media and the growing trend of fitness watches and gadgets.

"Apparently there will be an implant available soon that will be like a personal trainer. It will talk to you and show you what workouts to do," Mr Law said.

"Twenty years ago we would have thought it space-aged Jetsons stuff, now it is not that far fetched."

It is Mr Law's second book and he said he was already working on his third. "It is a lengthy process because I am not a natural writer but I enjoy handing over my experience and information to those that are keen," he said.

The book launch at Redcliffe Library on September 15 is booked out.

Mr Law said the book was already available as an e-book, i-book and on Amazon. It can also be purchased from SportsCo at Redcliffe and post offices at Clontarf, Woody Point and Scarborough.

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Tom's Law: How to succeed as a personal trainer

PHOTO: Tom Law with his wife Margaret at the official book launch of Tom's Law: How to succeed as a personal trainer

The following article about Tom Law, was featured in the Geraldton Guardian, Tom's local paper from his childhood.

The Geraldton Guardian article, 17th October 2017

Fitness trainer reveals his key to excercise

by Francesca Mann

A former Geraldton resident is urging people to slow down and make an effort to exercise daily, after publishing his first book about the personal training industry.

Having worked as a personal trainer for more than 20 years, Tom Law wanted to share the tips and tricks he had picked up with up-and-coming instructors.

Although his book - Tom's Law: How to Succeed as a Personal Trainer - delves into the nitty gritty of the industry, Law said health, exercise and nutrition was everyone's business.

"I've had a few people who aren't going to be personal trainers say they like the methods and the things I've taught in there," he said.

"Your health is everything. If you don't have it you can't work hard; if you can't work hard, you can't get money, you can't be successful and you can't have a good life.

"People need to slow down and understand that exercise is part of life, it's not something you do at the end of the day for half an hour to make yourself feel good."

Law and his family moved from Scotland to Geraldton when he was three. Growing up in Dampier Street, Beachlands, Law studied at Beachlands Primary School, now known as Geraldton Senior College. Exercise was a big part of Law's childhood, playing soccer for La Fiamma and boxing at the PCYC.

Despite being reasonably active, the 62-year-old said most exercise came through necessity.

"There weren't that many vehicles around, I recall many of the older men rode push bikes to and from work," he said.

"We never did too much of it recreationally, and we never considered the PCYC a gym.

"We've made massive advances, but not all of our labour-saving devices are good."

Law completed an apprenticeship as an electrician before marrying his wife Margaret, and joining the Australian Army. After 21 years of service in the Royal Australian Corps of Signals, the father of three was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for his services to training.

Now running a group and personal training business in Queensland, Law tries to live by rules to combat a lifestyle more reliant on technology.

"I use stairs wherever I can; sometimes you have to seek them out and people look at you like have three heads," he said.

:You just need to make time in your day for your health, and we need to say 'my health is imprtant, so is my mental health, I'm going for a walk'."

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