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Tips to select a personal trainer

Regardless of personal training or group training if you are in the market for one of these services the following information may help you select the best one for your needs/requirements. Lets face it, at this time of the year many of us are looking to improve our health, get fitter or just lose a few pounds to get back into that favourite pair of jeans or dress. Personal Trainers are just that, they can provide the exercise element part of the equation. Some will even provide great dietary advice I even know of a couple of local companies who will sell you packaged calorie controlled meals.

So how do we find someone we know is going to help us achieve our goals? Firstly you need to detail what your goals and/or ambitions are and make sure that you know what you want to achieve. It may help to write these down.

Secondly do some research including observing some personal trainers in their environment. It may be an outdoor instructor, but if it is in a gym go and observe a class. Most if not all gym owners will bend over backwards to get your business so looking is not an issue.

Ask to speak to current clients about the personal trainer. Is he/she considerate and do they take into account injuries, age and physical ability. Are they known for churning and burning clients.

(working them beyond their capability consistently) Get some opinions and don't simply rely on one client or close friends opinion.

Check out their social media. Popular trainers and gyms will have some good reviews and testimonials, and you will also be able to gauge the traffic flow and recent events. Most operators now use various means of social media to advertise themselves or companies.

When you have selected who you think will suit your purpose ask for a free consultation and sample session. Most good personal trainers will do this not only for the purpose of securing your business, but they in all honesty may not suit your needs, be able to work within your restrictions or indeed be the personal trainer you require. For example you may want to be more powerful and lift heavier weights but the personal trainer concentrates on functional type training.

At the meeting ask the price for services, what happens if you cancel, do you still pay, how much notice is required to postpone, in what form is payment required? This is not an endless list but you get the idea.

How long you stay with your personal trainer will depend on a number of things including your goals and what you want to achieve. The majority of clients are short to medium term in my experience but I do know of a few instructors who have had clients on a regular weekly basis for years. Selecting a personal trainer you feel comfortable with is not rocket science but by taking some time to do a little research may make the time you have spent mutually beneficial.

Good Health in 2018

Tom Law

Tom's Law OAM Dip Fitness

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