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How to succeed as a personal trainer

That is the title of my recently published book and the title describes the contents, but wait there is more. Many reviews have mentioned that the book is not only for those who wish to succeed in the field of personal or group training, and others may find some of the contents useful if not revolutionary.

Shendelle Harrison wrote of her Kindle version “his book is relevant to all, not just the fitness industry. Whilst Tom's extensive knowledge shines through and his passion is evident, it is also relevant to my field which is Finance. I have dog eared pages that I feel I can transfer into my own team and myself and I am surprised at just how many pages held nuggets of wisdom. Tom, this book is well set up for others to achieve success. Thank you for taking time out of what is obviously a busy schedule to share your thoughts and valuable learnings. I recommend this to anyone who wants to make a change to their own success both fitness and business”.

Cassandra, a teacher also mentioned how valuable some of the tips were in the book, and how she would be able to relate these tips to her teaching profession. Cassandra exercises with Tom’s Law and bought three of my books. So don’t let the title or the fact you are not involved in the health industry sway your decision to buy this book.

I remember being reluctant to see the movie “Karate Kid” many years ago because of the title. I thought the movie was going to be an Asian style martial arts movie where people fly through the air and a lot of grunting and animal noises were made. How wrong was I?

Some have mentioned to me that they are only part time in the industry and would not read my book because they don’t want to be too successful in the industry. What does that mean? 'Too successful' from their point of view I think means making a lot of money or going full-time.

Well success comes in many forms. One of the definitions I found for success is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”. Note that money or the accumulation of it was not mentioned.

You can be successful in any number of ways. Be a successful teacher, complete that jig saw puzzle, finish your degree, get fitter, be a more considerate parent, learn to cook better and the list goes on. Of course being successful in an occupation can and often does mean you are well paid for your efforts, skill and dedication, and you would not be in business if you didn’t want to make money but don’t confuse success with wealth.


To read more about Tom's book "How to succeed as a personal trainer" click here.

If you are interested in purchasing the book for yourself a list of online outlets can also be found here.

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