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A great and historic run walk

We that live in Redcliffe and nearby areas count our blessings at the natural beauty that surrounds us and so we should. We are so lucky.

My family just spent a few days in Sydney staying at Coogee to help celebrate my wife’s 60th Birthday and my son and I took the opportunity to reintroduce ourselves with the coastal run from Coogee to Bondi.

The distance one way is 6km and it is a magnificent walk or run not only because of the commanding views out to sea. The run takes us past the historic Heritage listed Waverley Cemetery where you can see the graves of many pioneers of the past. Henry Lawson is buried in this location.

As we continue we pass a number of sea water bathing areas where the incoming tide fills the concrete swimming pools the most famous being the “Icebreakers Club of Bondi”

The walk is not for the faint hearted however and regardless of the way in which you tackle the coastal walk, Coogee to Bondi or Bondi to Coogee you would be advised to take a few dollars in case a taxi/uber is needed to take you back.

Sydney, is a beautiful city and the coastline is stunning. I highly recommend the walk/run when you are next in Sydney and you have the time to explore. You will get a good workout and the kids will love it but leave the pram at home. There are steps-a-plenty.

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